A licensed massage therapist who specializes in the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, Mary Cruise is a Tai Chi and Qigong master, 2nd degree blackbelt, as well as a Chi healing practitioner.

Mary’s massage technique is a combination of all the modalities in which she is proficient. The techniques that she uses for each client depend on what that person’s body is calling for. Integrating these techniques can be beneficial to the mind and body, as well as the spirit.

It is Mary’s belief that being healthy is a discipline. Living a healthful lifestyle includes having the positive attitude to be able to navigate daily life and the changes that day-to-day living can bring about.

Moving the body in a relaxed manner to promote healthy energy flow and to encourage flexibility, mobility and longevity is important to keeping that positive, healthy mindset, which in turn is key in keeping the body in balance and vibrant health.

Being in the present moment with a meditative ability to remain open to the oneness of that connection between every living thing is but one goal of the work that Mary does.
Another aspect: Clients develop a set of tools that they may use to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Eastern tools that will compliment Western medical practices.

Available at Mary’s Studio:

I have watched Mary grow in her work over the past 8 years and it has been exciting to observe her develop her Tai Chi business, to see her become the sensitive and knowledgeable massage therapist that she is and to watch her evolve as she’s put all the pieces of her work together into Mary Cruise Healing Arts. If you want Tai Chi, she’s the best. Reiki? The best. Therapeutic massage? Yes, she’s the best. She speaks her truth and walks the talk. She is professional, compassionate and works from her heart. I regularly use and highly recommend her services.     – Emelie Thibodeaux