massage_horizontalfootTherapeutic Massage can often be referred to as “a relaxing and healing gift to self.”
It is a client-focused, bodywork experience, and a session can incorporate different techniques tailored to fit the needs of each person. Mary combines meridian massage, tui na (pronounced “twee na”) and acupressure to provide a completely personalized-to-the-moment experience for each client.

A Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Mary Cruise has a specialty in 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. As a result of her Tai Chi/Qigong knowledge and professional training, her massage sessions integrate Eastern and Western principles, incorporating work with the meridians and Qigong, Acupressure, as well as deep pressure and Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, stretching and energy balancing.

Intuition, Technique and Skill in Every Massage

The body is in layers that include energy, circulation and body structure. A massage that harmonizes all 3 layers will relieve pain, provide relaxation, and increase circulation in the physical body and the client’s energy as well. Other benefits of Therapeutic Massage include relief from aching muscles, speeding recovery from injuries, strengthening the immune system, reducing scarring, improving posture, reducing tension headaches, increasing flexibility and range of motion, decreasing anxiety and depression, and promoting deeper and more effective breathing.





Massage Sessions

60 minute session – $85
Call 573.228.4415 or email Mary to schedule a session.

I have joint and muscle pain that I’d just about given up trying to alleviate. Then I met the massage therapist I’d been looking for! Mary Cruise is quintessentially professional in her thoroughness every appointment. She is careful to ask each time how my body is doing, and adjusts the massage accordingly. And after each session, she asks the same question, to be sure her efforts were effective. Mary is WITH you the entire hour, checking on how you’re doing. Besides Mary’s professionalism, she is a most caring and compassionate person. You always feel you are being well taken care of. Mary is also very careful to make sure you’re “back to reality” before you leave, because the massage is SO soothing and relaxing, you may not be back into your “adult” self ;o)! I have only good things to say about Mary.     – Elizabeth Powers-Haas